Poker Strategy Article: Why It’s Good To Be Unlucky at Party Poker


It’s a party at Poker and I have been in about 6 of them today. The entry fees range from $ 11 to $ 162. I haven’t had a whole week and felt with some solid play, I was due to make the money.

As with many other players on Party Poker, I do feel that a lot of people are playing and drawing payoffs to those care-free players who either don’t know any better, or are dead bent on losing money. Luck has a way of keeping these players around with a whole tournament and a big prize without the application of common poker sense 오바마카지노.

As an example, to end my day, I bought a $ 162 MTT with around 400 entries, played patiently, and I was waiting for the blinds to escalate before I became more aggressive when I was served up in the AJ suit. late position folded to me. I raised 3 ½ times the blind and got called by both blinds !! The flop came J, 10.3 rainbow, which was great for me. I raised the pot by doubling it, any possible straight draws. Both called chumps.

Now I am concerned that they are both drawing and this hand has become an intersect critical game for me. It’s either get hyper-aggressive, or let the hand play out without my chips in the pot. The turn brings me another Jack! This changes everything, because they have to put me on Jack when I go all in here, doubling the pot again. The small blind fold after extended deliberation, KQos, and open-ended tournament straight calls. With barely time to enjoy the creative moment, Party Poker rewards this chump with an ace on the river.

You’ve read all of the books about betting, and making it too expensive for them. You make the right play, and the negative act follows and you are out of the tournament. Yes, I am hurt. However, I never want to be that lucky in poker. You can allow others to get lucky against you. You need to be ahead of your opponents in order to leave you ahead, way ahead. That’s what wins tournaments in the long run, not luck.

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